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For Sale - Angel eyes ccfl HID bulbs NEW

Hey guys,

I have the following for sale ALL NEW from boxes. Selling as is, also willing to ship but you cover all those costs of course in advance.(sorry but im not paying again out of my pocket and get nothing in return for someones ship). Feel free to come test them. First come First serve

- New 2x CCFL Regular size angel rings (halos) Bright white
- New 6x CCFL Thin size angel rings (halos) Bright white but only selling 4 of them and the other 2 will be a seperate sell
- New 2x inverters
- New 2x HID Bulbs H1 6k w/ zips
- New 2x HID bulbs H1 8k w/zips
- New 2x HID bulbs H7 8k w/zips and 2 little black plastics dunno wat dey for.
All my used items are in great working condition and feel free to test it when you come.
-Used 4x CCFL angel eyes rings Regular size with its plastic to hold the ring.
-Used 3x inverters ($$/each)
-Used 2x H1 10ksh i dont exactly remember the color sorry
-Used 2x H1 8ksh same thing i dont remember

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