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Just got the word that we will also be running our Race School at the event on April 28th and 29th as we did last year. This is open to anyone who as participated as an advanced "A" Student in one of our schools, or equivalent. Once completed successfully, you will receive your provisional license to allow you to race in BMWCCA Sanctioned Club races. Once you have successfully completed 3 Club races, you can apply for your full on racing license to go BMW Club racing worldwide! However, if you just want to step your skills up another level, this is the right place to do it. Last year not one of our 30 participants applied for a provisional license, they used the elevated training to further their skill. A few were avid Solo 1, and 2 racers. The others were avid lappers and instructors! When I have more details, I'll provide them in a new post!

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