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Thanks Dave!

Yeah Scott, I can't wait to see it in action either! I'm trying to make it a habit to check the 2002 forums once a day to keep my motivation going Seeing Randy's post about the DDT AutoXs really gets me going too!

Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
ps camber plates look good. So since there's no perch this is just going to stack on top of the existing strut assembly? Obviously you'd need a drop hat or shorter springs to make up for the difference?
Yessir, this just sits on top of the spring perch. I run into problems with either... a drop hat styled perch would loose me shock travel, but a shorter spring may coil bind sooner. I'll have to see once it's together and assess what to do. An interesting note, when I looked at the car when I did the rocker patch, I finally got to see the suspension in a loaded state without the fender on. Even with the short shock cartridge, I have maybe 1.5"-maaaybe 2ish inches of travel before bottoming out (that is tucking a 23" tall tire)... What puzzles me is how a lot of these guys run so low with stock length inserts, or even the VW Rabbit inserts which aren't substantially shorter either.

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