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love the drop .... and the handling improved drastically ... the car is "glued " to the road , can cut corners at higher speeds with np, no body roll .... as for the harshness of the ride, they are stiffer then the OEM but i can't really feel a big diffrence . On hwy and good roads the car just floats . I live in downtown and some of the street are not that smooth so u have to reduce the speed ... when u see a pothole or speed bumps ... u cant just fly by them as the same speed as OEM springs ... u need to pay extra attention thats is ... as for going lower then eibach pro kits, im runing OEM rims and tires 17'' , and with 4 ppl in the car + trunk full i still dont rub, so im pretty happy with my decision ...all up to u how low do u wanna go ) ... Also OEM cots more and i heard that they still gonna brake (especially back ones) its a common problem wth the e46 springs ... so might as well pay less and change the look of ur car also ...
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