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Precision, Borg-warner, Garrett are trusted companies in the turbo game and even manufacture oe-applications as well. All 3 are good and make solid products lasting thousands of kms...what'll decide how long your turbo lasts is if one it's sized properly(not over-speeding the compressor or surging/chugging), reasonable egt's, an adequate clean FILTERED oil supply @ the right psi, good plumbed oil return, waiting until the oil is warm before seeing boost etc etc....there are turbo's that last years and some that last for just a month...all comes down to how great (or not great) the turbo selection, installation, driving habits, oil used, oil change frequency and a whole ton of other things.

Sounds like you need to do some real research and understand things so YOU can select the right turbo that YOU want for YOUR application instead of basing your decision off some youtube videos....start with this:

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