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Originally Posted by E30M42cab View Post
Like when Sam put my front strut bearing nuts on with an impact gun set on 'high'.

Max, why you no bring home front subframe?
hm hm. the subframe will come with bimmerbob when he gets his M20. hopefully in the next week or so.

Originally Posted by cormier View Post
That's too bad! You can't grab it with anything? Excuse the ignorance are the housings interchangeable from the other M/S5x motors?

You should be able to find a new housing even at a scrapyard if that's the only reason you wanted to run a manual rack, may be happier with PS in the long run if you were planning on it in the first place

Ps it sux when friends break ur shit eh? I had a friend money shift and blow my head whoops!
I dropped by the scrapyard today, and there were 3 E36s in there. Two have M50s, and one is an M50TUB25, so hopefully it'll work.

I had a Non-Vanos oil housing and it was different, even though had it as the same (part numbers matched...) so I'm unsure of the others.
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Originally Posted by 411 View Post
just letting this furom [*forum] know
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