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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
Why do I post on a BMW forum?:

a) I dont post on any technical issues, but I read general/new threads about BMW stuff.

b) I like BMWs and considering buying one in the very near future.

c) The off-topic section is fun

d) My aunt works for BMW in a very, very high up position in the USA. Every time I go to the states to see her, she lets me rip it up around town.

e) Did I mention I like BMWs?

Don't see why I need to defend whether or not I own a BMW. This is an ethusiaste website, its for BMW owners and lovers alike.

Lastly, while you don't need 100K salary to have a BMW, personally I believe go big or go home. I am not going to buy a peice of shit 318 from 1992 just to say I drive a BMW.

I want an M3, or an M5 and when my salary and point in life allows me to purchase such toys, I will.

a) That's alright. Not everyone one is into the technical side.

b) What is considered 'near future' for you? You also said that you "don't see that happening for a little while."

For me, near future means weeks to 3 months tops.

EDIT: Which M are you buying? What year?

c) Saying that it's fun means you spend most of your time here in the off topic forum. It's only natural. Humans like to have fun. That means you're not even on the BMW side of this forum half the time. By doing do, you are disgracing actual BMW lovers by labeling yourself as such.

d) So high up that she can't give you a hook up on an M1/3/5/6? You make it sound like you have the money to buy an M with hook up pricing, whatever the discount is. What's holding you back? You want to buy a house first, right? While many people tell you that a house is an asset, it is not. Even when your house is paid off, you still have land taxes, utilities and maintenance. Only good thing about your house is you can use it as collateral. But this is getting off topic. Unless you're buying 750k to a million dollar home, you won't need 100k salary to own both.

e) If you did, your knowledge base regarding BMW's should be quite vast when you're at 9.3k posts because you would have to read a thread before you can put a reply to that thread. I'm quite sure most of us here do that.

No, I shouldn't think so. But the way you put it, you're not a BMW lover. You only love the M series, which to my knowledge, is limited to 4 cars unless you go back in time quite a bit. That's not love. Like cormier said, you're quite the shallow lad due to the fact that you're only willing to own and drive an M series. Also...

Originally Posted by sirex View Post
No, I don't think your shit square box is of enough quality for me to be honest.
Bashing on anyone not owning an M when you don't own anything is just, I don't know man, I'm at a loss for words. Someone help me out here.

You don't need 100k salary to own any of the M's. But with a 100k salary, you can own a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc, etc... And since...

Originally Posted by sirex View Post
I'd rather bang the model than her fat friend.
Go buy a Porsche or something. You'll bang the model and be able to say I own a car.

More importantly, I have to apologize to the OP. I couldn't help myself. I'm sure you'll forgive me.

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