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Yeah, it's not going to get many cosmetic mods, the outside is pretty much done, maybe an m3 rear bumper or at least diffuser. Just needs some maintenance and TLC, the lowering springs that it came with are completely rusted, but were red at one point, and are pretty soft which would suggest eibach pro-kit to me, and the shocks aren't in the best of shape but for now it will do. Also, the RF wheel hub has a sheared off wheel bolt, and some of the chrome wheel bolts were stretched from overtorquing (my 780 ft-lbs in reverse IR wouldn't even look at half of them until cranked to 150psi, yeah, that tight). Good thing I have spares from my 328i, we are just going to swap the front knuckle.

Fil, this car had bimmersport stickers on it that were half peeled off, so they go removed, so maybe you've seen it there in the past. It was owned by an enthusiast before the owner my brother purchased it off of.

Also, my car will receive it's finishing touches this coming winter. New hood, d/s fender, rear suspension bushings, rear m3 brakes, coilovers, have to figure out why my vanos stopped working only 6k kms after installing new seals, freshen up the paint with a good polish, and should be good to go for a while.

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