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Hit a major snag but it's on the way to completion. Turns out the LeatherworldTech dye I was using was horrible. I applied nearly 10 coats on every surface and black STILL showed through, and then I ran out of the 32oz. bottle which I was told would be plenty. I called up Robert @ Leatherique Canada, and he mixed a proper bottle of Imola Red for me within the hour to pick up. The difference is HUGE. On the test sample, my old dye took 7 coats to cover original leather and looked very pale and pink. His mix was true to BMW's Imola Red with just two coats and had a perfect low-gloss sheen to it just like new leather from BMW. I should've bought from him in the first place... Should be done by Friday!
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Pretty sure it will be dry by April/May or whenever you plan to drive it again.
Yup - late April.
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Looking good, how much change did you find when u pulled the seats
LOL! 7 dollars in coins that were practically embedded in the floor carpet.
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lol! .. your a redditor? challenge accepted
Who isn't these days?
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