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Results of First Markham meet......

It was good to put a face to a name now, there were initially 12 to 13 BMW's and 3 Civic (coupe/hatch/wagon) I may have missed some people because I was late too.

two E46 M3s ?
one E46 330i azn330i
one E36 318i MTRD
one E36 320i BimmerBoy
four E36 328i 328DTM and SimSimma and ? ?
two E36 M3s Alex Hsu and ?
one M-roadster I forget his name
one E34 535i Gamite
civic1 Straight_6 and G/F
civic2 ///Compact and BLISS
civic3 YOURS TRULY --- ME!

We froze to death waiting for civic2 in the parking lot. Finally left and caused a bunch of shit on the drive to D&B. I raced Gamite and pulled him 1 car length, then caught up to a lone tricked out Furious-and-not-so-Fast Civic on Hwy7, so I had to beat his too -- three times.

D&B was cool even though hardly nobody played games... preferred to watch me waste my money. Waited 2 hrs for our table and had a nice chat and food sampling with the boys talking about ROB89M3 the whole time and harassing hot Gina chicks walking by. Then discussed the $250.00 bill for another 45 min and then stood outside in the cold for another 30min talking about clear markers and coilovers (I was in my wheelchair). That's pretty much it. Care to add anything guys? PICS maybe?
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