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Originally Posted by spoony_prelude View Post
Sorry to hear about your ordeal, as i know i would have flipped a conary and probably even attempt to use my car a weapon... just saying....

anyways, galleria mall (the plaza which holds the mc`ds you went to) is constantly surrounded by those clowns! I`ve had friends jumped there, and one a few years back stabbed while ordering his food. its like you said its groups of them. alone they wont do so much as lift their heads to look at you.

as gay as it sounds, u need to be very aware of your surroundings! and do whatever you need to do to get out of a shitty situation. i obviously wasnt there but i find myself thinking, werent u able to move your car forward, or reverse and get out of that situation.... or even, why didnt you follow them after they did that...

anyways sorry to hear about this man!
My friend thought I was going to run the guy over once he hit my hood...but to be not twenty something anymore...years ago I probably would have let my rage take over and would have hit the gas, and then get out and start swinging at all of them. When I get mad, I really just lose it.

I guess things change when you get older...I figured in those moments if I really want to go to jail tonight, deal with more damage, put my friends and cousin in was an easy call to just back off.

The guys were stopped in front of me, and had blocked off the possibility of gunning it out of there. And they were all standing so close to my car, that I thought If I even tried to maneuver the car out of the line, they would start banging the body of my car and I would have to deal with more damage.
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