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Originally Posted by Havok_2011 View Post
The first thing I told the dispatcher is that they are drunk and driving, but because they were 30 minutes late, they couldn't track them down right then and there.

It was pretty surreal though, five cruisers came in all together from different entry points, and they wanted to know which was the car went...but I told them the call was 30 minutes ago, and they are long gone now....cops looked bummed out about the news and told me they hated the fact that the dispatcher screwed up, and that there is nothing they like more than taking down drunk drivers.
What time did that happen? technically dealer plates are suppose to be used for "dealers", too shunt cars around or test drive vehicles. It's not supposed too be used for pleasure use. Especially not for driving around drunks.

I get harassed quite a bit when I use mine at certain times.
They will find the dealership who owns the plate and most likely look into in.

Or YOU can just keep reporting the plate every week for wreck less driving. That's some kind of payback!

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