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Originally Posted by The Twin View Post
VERY nice rescue on that that little bronzit e30!
Ah, that reminds me . . . at some point in my research I discovered that my car was bronzit, and that I should be deeply ashamed of this

Now back to the driver's door. The lock heater control box didn't look quite right:

I used the Dremel to remove enough of the potting to expose some wire:

Then, for reasons which escape me at the moment, I decided to solder in a spade connector instead of soldering the wire back on directly. Then a bit of repotting and it was good to go:

Re-loomed the wires, and was enraged because the crappy Princess Auto heatshrink I found in the garage when I moved in, didn't shrink much at all:

Reinstalled the box and . . . still nothing. This is as far as I've gone with this; at this point I don't know if the lock heater box is kaput or if the problem lies elsewhere. It could be the heater itself, or something else. I know the mirror heater duty cycle is linked to the outside air temp sensor, not sure about the lock heater. I have the factory electrical troubleshooting manual and a bunch of DIY articles, just haven't gotten around to continuing with this.

The central lock issues are as follows: I can lock, double-lock, and unlock the car from the driver's door. I can lock and unlock the passenger door from the trunk, and vice versa, but the driver's door lock doesn't respond at all. I'm pretty sure this means the actuator isn't, for lack of a better word, actuating. Next time I feel like molesting the door innards I'll find out.
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