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Originally Posted by damameke View Post
If the emphasis here was to report drunk driving and not the damage of your hood
I bet the cop will put out a broadcast on a black mercedes benz with dealer plate
and I am prettty sure the car would have been found and stop.

Anyway.. sorry of your misfortune.. I would be pissed too...
The first thing I told the dispatcher is that they are drunk and driving, but because they were 30 minutes late, they couldn't track them down right then and there.

It was pretty surreal though, five cruisers came in all together from different entry points, and they wanted to know which was the car went...but I told them the call was 30 minutes ago, and they are long gone now....cops looked bummed out about the news and told me they hated the fact that the dispatcher screwed up, and that there is nothing they like more than taking down drunk drivers.
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