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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
Sweet, I can't wait to visit there one day.

What were you disappointed about? How does it compare to other car museums you've been too? From the pictures it looks like alot more cars than the Lamborghini and Ferrari museums I've been to in Italy.
The only thing that's disappointing is knowing that BMW has their secret garage full of prototypes which are really what every gear head would want to see, but can't, and that a lot of people who visit Welt will never get to go on a guided tour of the BMW assembly facility unless they know to book more than 2 months in advance and finally because most BMW fans would love to see the collection at BMW Classic a few minutes down the road from Welt but they probably don't know that it exists, that and they only offer guided tours not open to the public. I'd pay good money to see that place.

I could spend days here

I still had a blast though. I wish I knew about booking for the tour of the assembly facility, would have loved to see that.

Most people also probably don't know that, altough probably expensive, you can rent a few different classics in Munich (1802, 3.0cs, Z1, and a few others)
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