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Cool And now the plot thickens

Successful reassembly, cold starts fine, runs fine, won't restart unless left sitting for several hours. This sounds like a job for --- a guys who's read ELEVEN BILLION PAGES of E30 related info recently! That, or Batman. Although when you think about, Ironman is probably a much better mechanic.

I admit that Mr. Motronic helped by throwing a 1223 aka coolant temp sensor. I had to pull the electrical connectors from the injectors and move the plastic wiring harness housing, but managed to get the sensor out without pulling the whole fuel rail. Tested it with a multimeter and yep, it was toast. Infinite resistance, which AFAIK meant the system was under the impression it was in a permanent extreme cold-start situation. That would explain the ummmm, slightly rich condition responsible for the extreme carbon buildup I had to clean up earlier. Ironically, it was probably running better before I fixed the multitude of vacuum leaks. All that extra unmetered air would've balanced things out a bit

As it happened, I had an extra coolant temp sensor on hand. Just like I had an extra #3 spark plug wire to replace the corrosion victim I mentioned earlier. Damn those overly informative E30 forums

If you looked at the bike pics above, you know I'm no stranger to hacking up perfectly good motorcycles. So imagine me giggling like a schoolgirl when I found entire sections of forums devoted such things as automatic to 5-speed conversions. I wasn't doomed to endure the slushbox for winters without end! But wait, what's this? Engine swaps, you say? How very intriguing. This is the point where my gf should have tasered me (just ask her). But she missed her chance and I ended up reading a further few terabytes of forum, followed by a few weeks of intense kijiji and salvage-website watching. Then I just blacked out for a while and when I regained consciousness this was in the yard:

My $400 1989 535i M30B35, unfortunately an auto but you could hardly expect otherwise. Seemed like a good deal because the car only has 107,000 km and looks like it was a garage queen until its unfortunate demise. I mean, look at this

This is what I meant when I said the car had been upgraded to perma-project status. Also why I decided not to bling up the M20 before putting it back together. That will be much easier to do later when it's out of the car. I think that selling the M20 and tranny, plus the tranny and whatever else from the 535i, will go a long way to paying for the swap. Good used vintage BMW parts are not so easy to find in Saskatchewan, and shipping tends to be lethal. Last time I bought a wrecked bike I ended up tripling my money parting it out, and that was after I removed the whole front end for a swap (which was the reason for buying it). Heck, the basketweaves are probably worth half what I paid for the car (the left front is bent but there's another in the trunk, bless those crazy Germans and their full-size full-bling spares).

So anyway, I replaced the coolant temp sensor and once again I was in business, no check engine light, and this time with warm-start capability
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