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Originally Posted by jmack View Post
My single car uninsulated garage from the 70's is a tad small but could work if I pull out everything in it, and it's too frigging cold to work in the barn during the winter
My garage is also unheated, which is a big part of why I get less done in the winter than I'd like. It's very well insulated (built in 2000) and doesn't get below freezing until we've had a solid week of -20, but I'm a big wuss. There's a small heated workshop attached and I can half-assed heat the garage by propping the workshop door open and making its furnace work overtime, but that gets expensive. Also, you can't live on an acreage without cats, and our cats live in a big basket under a heat lamp in the garage. The workshop is the only place exempt from cat sabotage, leaving the door open defeats the purpose.

Even with the short days we tend to get a lot of sunshine in the winter, solar hot water heating is another project on the list. If I could get 5 or 10 degrees free that way, it wouldn't be too expensive to use radiant or gas heating to get it all the way up to a comfortable temp when required.

Also, country life FTW!
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