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Exclamation Temperature Gauge in the red.

Since the cold weather has hit I have noticed that the temp gauge doesn't climb very high (about 1/4) and the heat in the car isn't that great, It seemed to be OK before and the needle was usually at the midpoint of the gauge, I assume that it will be the thermostat that needs to be replaced, there is another problem that when I start up from cold in the morning and after driving about 5 blocks the gauge will shoot up into the red, I have found that if I turn the car off and restart it straight away the gauge will go back down to the 1/4 mark. It doesn't seem to be any hotter under the hood than usual and fluid levels are good and the antifreeze is at a good ratio. After I restart the car the gauge doesn't go into the red again.
Anyone had this problem or any ideas?
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