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Help figure out Transmission bearing noise.

Hey guys! I have a 94 e36 325. My transmission developed a really bad bearing noise. Its most noticeable when idling in Neutral with the Clutch ENGAGED(not pressing pedal). And it goes away when i DISENGAGE(pedal pressed down) the clutch. So i figured it must be the Input shaft bearing. Today i droped the tranny and found that my throw out bearing is really noisy when spun by hand. Is it likely that that was the problem? Does the throw out bearing still make contact when the clutch is ENGAGED? Because tomorow i have 2 options.
A. put in a tranny out of a 318 in unknown condition with new throw out bearing - on this tranny it feels like the output shaft has a bit of play (not sure if normal)
B. Use the same tranny (no shifting problems) with a new throw out bearing and hope that it wasn't the input shaft bearing making noise.

Suggestion are highly appreciated.

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