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Originally Posted by njansenv View Post
these cars can define money pit: especially if you're paying someone for the work. I'd check the valve clearances, do a compression and leak down check on the engine: if that checks out, then find out where the oil is leaking from and replace then necessary gaskets. Clean the car up, and enjoy it for what it is: a unique, great sounding driver. If you decide to part it out, you'll easily get your money back but won't make a ton of money for the amount of time it takes.

Restorations of this type are rarely something that make sense on the bottom line!

You really have to look at ths as something you would like to keep, if its not a dream car of yours to keep, you either need to learn to wrench it yourself or keep saving... Might I add your not gonna pay the 12k to get it in order and sell, your gonna make your "beast of a dream car" have your way with her and then potentially sell it ... And who knows by that time it might be worth you said toys cost money, but you will get some of it back!
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