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Originally Posted by drenius View Post
What does the rebuild entail exactly, the engine/body has 276k on it, and from what i read the engine is good for 400k?
The basic idea is to replace all wear components. Unless you had a major failure/problem, things like the block, crank, rods, pistons, head, cams should last "forever". Valves could but they will go sooner than other things, especially in these motors if it wasn't maintained well, including proper valve adjustment.

So having said that, a rebuild means complete disassembly, cleaning every component (removing carbon from pistons and valves etc etc), then putting everything together with new bearings, seals etc.

Realistically, the head and block will need to be decked, crank polished, block re-honed, some other machining. Things will get expensive if it turns out you need to replace some of the normally non-wear items like valves, pistons or even the head. The general vibe this car gives out is that it's neglected, so I would brace myself for the condition of the motor and its rebuild cost to reflect that.

Originally Posted by drenius View Post
Would this mechanic Bill at Motex be able to do the rest of the repairs, I would want to do it all in one sitting, bring the car and order the parts, unless he can get the parts cheaper.
I'm sure he can but I doubt he'd want to. He's an engine builder and machinist. And whoever does the repairs for you, it will be in your best interest to source the parts yourself at the best price you can find. The mechanic will have no vested interest in getting you a good deal on parts - he'll use (read: you'll pay for) the easiest source he can find.
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