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...I'm resurrecting this tread, but just to make sure that those who will read it will have an idea what happened.... -you can correct me if i'm not right. - cause thats what happened to me..

... so we have an owner who has no heat and is overheating the engine. Being specified he is boiling hes coolant.
As the level of coolant was low, he lost heating, as the coolant was low, due to crack in expansion tank - usually were level sensor is attached - not noticeable until is too late.
that small crack prevent buildup of proper pressure,( ~ 32psi) that cause coolant boiling, as engine runs at 105*C. with no pressure in system temperature strikes immediately to 120*C witch was shown on temperature gage . When gage is past 12 o'clock you MUST STOP ENGINE IMMEDIATELY ! Unless you are fully aware of the problem, and you can roll the car on the engine off for most of the time and start it just for a moment. At least in this case.
For those interested, temperature gage stays at 12 o'clock from 75*C to 120 or 125 i don't remember now. So i guess you understand what it is mean, when it passes vertical position......
So next time when you have no heat, stop wait some time to cool down the engine and check coolant level. most time is too low. if you have your temp. gage past vertical STOP !!!! and do same as above.....

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