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When I finally got the intake manifold off, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry:

I'm no certified mechanic, but I'm fairly certain there's an above-average amount of crap in here.

A nicely overexposed pic with the injector out of the way:

And speaking of the injectors:

I rigged up a test harness for the injectors and they all seemed to work, so I just cleaned them out and added new o-rings to the parts list.

All the black goo in the pan came off of, and out of, those 6 little injectors. The carbonite coating in the manifold just laughed at brake cleaner, and wasn't much impressed with carb cleaner either. I finally got its number by putting a nozzle with a tube on my can of Permatex gasket remover and alternating Permatex treatments with reamings courtesy of a Dremel with a stainless wire brush on the end of the flex tube. I cleaned the intake ports on the head with a toothbrush dipped in carb cleaner.

Onward to the exhaust ports:

Just plain nasty, but pretty mild compared to the intake.

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