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Originally Posted by cormier View Post
The e36 should feel better -- remember you're comparing a rwd sports-oriented car (for its time) to a fwd economy winter beater. Sorry, I dont understand why the heck so many people continue to pour money into Hondas -- they weren't meant to do what you're trying to do. I know it's cheap and light power but heck an e30 or e36 is comparable with rwd and much better capability. Especially if youre looking to track it-- you'll be more happy if start with a better base. You can track an e36 stock-- your civic may have problems

This, if you're looking to spend 3k+ on making it what you want. E36s are cheap cheap these days, heck you can get an e46 if thats you're thing for not much more

Hey ps we haven't seen pix of either car yet!
From stock perspective, I think the Civic will limit you to certain tracks that you can have fun on.

I got this one for about 1k.

They're on my other computer. I'll post them when I get back in town.

Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
nickle and diming when considering performance to take a car to the track is so the wrong thing to do.

You want the best handling car with balance and power your driving skill can handle.

Your already thinking how to match the handling and power in the E36 with the civic, this shows you know the E36 is better in current form then the civic, so spend the money on maintenance of current condition instead of mods on the civic to try and get it to the point of the E36, take the extra money you save and invest in some performance driving schools and build your level of skill up. If you spend $1500 and do 3 schools next summer (each 2 days on Mosport GP track with trillium BMW club, also tax deductible so say about $450 in tax returns off the $1500, as you seem to like to know every dollar spent) your going to be way ahead of people dumping large coin and not knowing how to drive modded eco cars.
I do plan to go to performance driving school this coming summer. I've seen a youtube video of an instructor teaching someone how to drive a prelude around Mosport. It's probably one of those days that you're talking about. It's the driver that makes the car go fast BUT he or she is limited by the capabilities of the car, or so I've been told.

Originally Posted by Dr. Flyview View Post
PPffft, keep the civic man!! Way better car.

I'll pick up that garbage E36 off you, $300.
How about...



But seriously, the answer is no and I might end up keeping both cars or give the Civic to my brother or something

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