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Now I'll digress slightly, in order to show you the amazing super power of this M20B25: it carries more oil on its outside than it has inside!

(the hose is to keep stuff from falling into the spark plug hole)

Now because of the thick protective coating of vulcanized oil I expended a great deal of effort cleaning the engine bay. Each component I removed revealed new areas that not only could be cleaned, they had to be cleaned before removing anything else, to prevent mass quantities of crap from getting into the engine. There were many cycles of degreasing and rinsing throughout this project . . .

. . . all carried out under the not entirely unreasonable assumption that one of the intake ports was not, in fact, completely open to the engine bay. Thus:

Oh look, #6 intake valve is swimming in Engine Brite! Greetings, O citrusy merchant of doom! By pure dumb luck the valve was completely closed so I was able to suck the liquid out. Catastrophe averted.
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