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So the parts list groweth, with the addition of an air boot plus various hoses and gaskets. Unfortunately, removing the throttle housing meant that I could see into the intake manifold. This pic was taken on the bench with better light, but for narrative purposes we'll pretend it's still on the car:

The other end, at the FPR vacuum fitting:

Clearly, no decent human being would allow this to continue. Fortunately for this car, neither would I The manifold must come off! But ohhhhh those fiendish Germans and their almost-but-not-quite-impossible to access manifold nuts . . I swear I had to devise a combination of u-joints and extensions that could twist in more than 3 dimensions to get them all. A mighty effort which was rewarded by finding this at the #6 intake port:

And yes, it was like that before I moved the manifold at all. Removing it revealed this:

HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN? How could someone fail to notice the broken gasket was just hanging off the top stud at an angle? Or maybe the last guy who had the manifold off just said "**** it, close enough".
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