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Of course you're all snickering now, because you know all about E30 idle troubleshooting:

Well, some things you just have to learn the hard way I got the Bentley manual, looked up some timing belt DIY articles, and ordered a timing belt kit plus a camshaft seal and o-ring. While I was waiting for the parts I started reading about idle issues . . .

. . . and reading

. . . and reading

And finally reached the point where I felt I knew enough about it to begin the troubleshooting process. So let the horror show begin . . .

Spark plugs and air filter seemed like a good way to ease into it. I can't believe I didn't take a pic of the filter, but as things progress I'm sure you'll be able to imagine it accurately enough. Here's what the housing looked like:

And a representative example of the plugs:

Not only were the plugs in that condition, they weren't the right plugs. Not even close. I don't remember the exact number but when I tried to cross-reference them with other brands the only application that came up was LAWNMOWER. But wait, what about that O2 sensor mentioned in the ad? Let's have a look over there . . .

Is there a Jesus Wept smiley here?

So, add new plugs and air filter to the list and forge ahead. Next up the intake tract, the AFM!
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