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My 325i Winter Beater Basket Case Project

Welcome to the epic saga of a man whose BMW experience begins by purchasing what might very well be the worst piece of crap E30 in the entire country. For use as a winter beater

I was on kijiji (of course) looking at cars $1000 and under to sacrifice to the angry god named Saskatchewan Winter. There were several likely candidates including several Integras, an MX-6, and the value leader, a $350 Swift. I'd always liked the Mazdas, but by the time I replied to the ad it was sold. Lucky for me, since it turned up on kijiji again a week later as a parts car due to timing belt failure

I kept looking and soon enough this turned up:

Originally Posted by Kijiji Ad

1989 325i BMW Coupe - heated seats, pwr windows, manual sunroof, original sound system, aluminum wheels, summer (Feb/07) & winter (Nov/07) tires (winter studded on it now). Parts and work we've done since Sept 2006 when we purchased it in addition to regular oil changes:

- ABS brake relay Dec 2006
- Fuel Pump Apr 2007
- Rear Brakes Oct 2007
- Alternator June 2009
- Block Heater Oct 2009
- Front Brakes Oct 2009
- Battery Dec 2009
- Radiator Cap Jan 2010
- All 3 belts Oct 2010

The cons - has rust driver and passenger doors and rear fenders, rear defrost doesn't work, front signal lights sometimes don't work but rears do, muffler needs to be replaced, check engine light is on - oxygen sensor the Eurosport mechanic tells me, doesn't like to start when's it's below -30 without being plugged in.

Good little car and with a little work will last a lot longer. The kids have moved on so it's time to sell.
I was intrigued to say the least. E30s are rare here; I've only seen a handful and most of those restored and definitely not in the under-a-grand price range. 265,000 km on it, nothing exceptional for a 20+ year old car. Automatic, bleh -- I'm 41 and have never owned a slushbox before. But heated seats, studded tires . . . this thing had winter beater written all over it.
The winter tires looked like new, the asswarmers worked, it started, moved under its own power, and stopped when requested. Sold for nine hundred bucks!

I loved it ABS, sufficient traction with the studs, but still able to slide all over the place with a bit of throttle. The 325 was my first rwd car since my '86 MR2 many years ago, I'd forgotten how much fun they were. There was just one thing I needed to do . . . replace the timing belt. I've learned the hard way to never let that slide, especially on a vehicle without a complete service history. The MX-6 on kijiji proved motivational as well. The idle was kind of erratic as well, so I thought I'd see what that was all about . . .
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