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nickle and diming when considering performance to take a car to the track is so the wrong thing to do.

You want the best handling car with balance and power your driving skill can handle.

Your already thinking how to match the handling and power in the E36 with the civic, this shows you know the E36 is better in current form then the civic, so spend the money on maintenance of current condition instead of mods on the civic to try and get it to the point of the E36, take the extra money you save and invest in some performance driving schools and build your level of skill up. If you spend $1500 and do 3 schools next summer (each 2 days on Mosport GP track with trillium BMW club, also tax deductible so say about $450 in tax returns off the $1500, as you seem to like to know every dollar spent) your going to be way ahead of people dumping large coin and not knowing how to drive modded eco cars.
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