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The e36 should feel better -- remember you're comparing a rwd sports-oriented car (for its time) to a fwd economy winter beater. Sorry, I dont understand why the heck so many people continue to pour money into Hondas -- they weren't meant to do what you're trying to do. I know it's cheap and light power but heck an e30 or e36 is comparable with rwd and much better capability. Especially if youre looking to track it-- you'll be more happy if start with a better base. You can track an e36 stock-- your civic may have problems

Originally Posted by Daonhathai View Post
Sell both cars, buy something without issues.
This, if you're looking to spend 3k+ on making it what you want. E36s are cheap cheap these days, heck you can get an e46 if thats you're thing for not much more

Hey ps we haven't seen pix of either car yet!

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