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Originally Posted by paddyhong View Post
E36 that I have makes 200whp while the Civic made 110whp, if that.

But thank you for the prompt and honest answers! I am leaning a little more towards the E36 because of the rebuild 30k ago which will give me peace of mind. Also because driving the E36 just feels more natural and you don't have to reach for everything. But sadly, one of the things holding me back is the cost of ownership. Like I said in my first post, gas cost is negligible with the difference of a whopping $0.01/km. But a few normal wear and tear items off the top of my head on a Civic would cost:

- pads and rotors all round $250
- PCV valve $5
- spark plugs $25
- timing belt/tensioner/waterpump $100
- head gasket $100

As a comparison, what would the above cost for an E36?

Care to elaborate on the 200whp figure, the only power mod you listed was a CAI?

-Pads and rotors for an E36 will probably run around $400, but that's not a big surprise because the E36 has bigger brakes than the civic.
-pcv...wouldn't worry about it
-spark plugs... anywhere from $30-$60 depending on the quality.... you do have 2 more plugs than the civic
- there is no timing belt on E36 it's timing chain thats a plus, water pump $75
-head gasket...wouldn't worry about it
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