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Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
E36 hands down, We have owned an 93 325is and a 95 318i and the wife had a 2000 civic for a few years when we meet. The civic felt like a brick in the twisties compared to even a bone stock 318i, the wife couldn't believe how much more she enjoyed the handling of the e36.

Other then a driveshaft and rear diff booth cars have the same parts, so no concerns with number of parts and e36 parts are not expensive and easy to find.

E36 is easy to work on and not to many jobs require special tools

Haha someone with a similar situation as me. This was one of the points I had on my mind when debating between the two. All of the Civic's from 1996-2000 models (except SiR) required to have at least a spring/strut combo, sways and strut tower bars in order to handle decent. It's not like you won't do that on an E36 but I imagine doing it on an E36 will take it to a level beyond a Civic. But then on second though, the weight difference between the two cars is about 600 pounds with the Civic weighing in at approximately 2500lbs and the E36 at approximately 3100lbs. And weight is always an issue, especially with plans to take either tracking this coming summer.

But just looking at retail value of Genuine BMW compared to Genuine Honda parts is quite staggering usually ranging in the 10-50% range. And this is talking about after employee discounts for both manufacturers. Even comparing aftermarket OE replacement parts there's a 10-30% difference.

Originally Posted by cormier View Post
Lmao this is even a question? I'm tryin not to be biased lol but no matter what you do to your civic the e36 will feel better. Besides its always better to have the power stock than try to upgrade a sub par car to that power (especially Hondas which have that happen far too often)

Bottom line -- you have a better car now, why take a step backwards lol

E36s aren't that hard to work on, an there are loads of places for aftermarket parts or even deals we get on OEM that bring the prices down.
This is true. Both cars have similar modifications and E36 stands out much more after I drove it recently. To make similar power figures safely would mean either an engine swap or low psi turbo setup, either costing well over 3000 dollars. This was one of the points that I had in my mind when debating between the two. E36 that I have makes 200whp while the Civic made 110whp, if that.

But thank you for the prompt and honest answers! I am leaning a little more towards the E36 because of the rebuild 30k ago which will give me peace of mind. Also because driving the E36 just feels more natural and you don't have to reach for everything. But sadly, one of the things holding me back is the cost of ownership. Like I said in my first post, gas cost is negligible with the difference of a whopping $0.01/km. But a few normal wear and tear items off the top of my head on a Civic would cost:

- pads and rotors all round $250
- PCV valve $5
- spark plugs $25
- timing belt/tensioner/waterpump $100
- head gasket $100

As a comparison, what would the above cost for an E36?

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