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Originally Posted by Matsim View Post
Sr20det with wiring and transmission --> 2500$ locally ...
I know th car is very clean and well built, but 15 000$ is way too muchh !!!

Anyway, Im not looking to import, to much thing to do; inspection, etc ...

Bump for a clean swap or turbo e30 located in Canada !! Thanks
No offense, but I don't think you understand what it costs to build a turbo'd e30.

Sure you can buy an engine "swap" for 2500.00, but then what about the driveshaft, motor mounts, trans mounts, intercooler piping and core, custom exhaust and then the many other changes neccessary to fit a motor non-original to that chassis like brake booster/brake master, clutch lines, instrument cluster etc.

If someone asks me what it would cost them to put the motor in their car, I tell them 4000.00 on the cheap end without any upgrades along the way, now factor in rebuilding tbe engine with OEM or better quality parts and doing the standard upgrades along the way (ARP's, front mount, BOV, equal length SS exhaust mani, 3" SS turbo elbow followed by full 3" SS mandrel exhaust, boost controller, boost gauge etc) you end up having a fair chunk spent on a "2500.00 dollar motor swap".

With that kind of money spent your not going to want sloppy 20 year old suspension, I won't even mention what that costs.

It really doesn't bother me you wouldn't be interested in my car, my ad was only a feeler, and I don't really care to sell it anytime soon, but I have other projects and it would mean one less car.

If you decide to build a car, I have a solid 2 door e30 shell and an s52 that needs cams and some engine gaskets sitting at the shop.
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