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a big problem with used 4.4 v8 is timing chain, or mostly plastic guides. in some cars - not every one. it will not last longer than 200k km. In my opinion is due to service, and mainly cause wrong oil. when i was looking for 540 my main concern was quiet engine. and I've seen 01-02 models with rattling chain, puking oil from all gaskets and i've seen 97 - 98 nice and quiet.

so where is the problem ???
In my opinion is oil. how many people is servicing theirs 10 years old BMW at dealer or buys a proper high quality - nice if not higher than API SL oil at least 3 group stock.
bimmers runs at 105 C* - every one on this forum knows that. that requires a better oil than castrol gtx from crappy tire, and definitely not gtx 10w30 or similar. witch is mainly use in cheap garages, as only one oil for any car with any engine.

here is question: how many people has any idea about types of engine oil? What is worst how many so called " car mechanics" understand importance of proper engine oil in your bimmer, or in any high performance engine ??!! or any car...
and how many owners will take care of its own vehicle, and will not take it to first available BUTCHER SHOP, and change engine oil with filter for 30 $ ?.....

did you guys read your e39 manual ? if not look in to oil dedicated section, and see what API standard is require ??? ( not just recommended ! ) - for my 97 it is API SG. now go to let say c. tire and please find a SG oil....

just to let you know my 05 KTM 625 SMC had in manual written: use only motorex 10w50 syntmax - if i remember. ( btw SG class 4 group stock PAO )

when i bought it it had 12000 km on it - same year i had to repair cam shafts followers. - previous owner was filling bike with motul 5100, witch is API SM ...

my current rc51 also needs API SG fortunately i bought this bike when it was 5000 km on it so i have a chance to have less problems in the future due to simple wrong oil on wrong engine....... next time if some one will tell you that your 2001- almost 12 years old 540 200~ km. is piece of shit cause it has a timing chain noise or etc. think what was pouring into your engine for past few years......

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