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Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
How about becoming a sponsor like suggested b4 in the other thread and not knowingly posting outside the regulations of the forums

I do hope your previous thread and comments are taken into consideration, and the blatant fact your doing this without paying like those of us who do

Let's be honest, your not doing this for fun, you are trying to turn a profit, that's called a business
*thats a pretty confident statement man!

I would love to become a sponsor as I stated in my prequel thread - but I am not even going to fathom how prepared and organised you must have been when you first became a sponsor - well this ....this..this is my first time doing this and if I have NO IDEA what I will encounter in a foreign country plus NOT having a business budget, I mean you are right .....lets be honest, if you would qualify me as a business worthy of your lofty sponsor position, then you are mistaken -
this is just for fun dude and if I make a few dollars to fund another trip - I promise I will not say no and potentially turn this into a real business ....really but only IFFFFF!!!
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