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Originally Posted by Axxe View Post
Sequel thread.
lol nice

But seriously, turning a profit in this manner is mickey mouse to say the least. Aside from kinda being insulted by it, it is ok if maybe I was not clear enough.

It would be my dream to turn this little thing I have with cars into a legit. business. This would require a business plan that is complete/tax compliant as well as my full attention.
I am not going over solely for this and want to also bring over some last year of production models *the only thing on offer because these are for me.

I am OK keeping all of them for future use
(think about it, I plan on driving a couple into old age = 20+years ... I mean it would be helpful to have a donor when I need it etc etc)
-also parting out - replacements - selling if I want to - and it is endless.

If there is a good enough offer, again SSSSSSOLD! OR.....I will just keep them for personal enjoyment - a new car would cost me at least $50k if its nice - why not take this and play with it any way you want. THIS is what I want and I am doing it - if you want me to pick up a few things *which I would most likely want also, why not share it?

This is providing the experience and I am going there regardless - I dont understand.....anyway, when OR if I am ready and prepared to turn this into a business, I am not afraid to be forthcoming about it -
this is not some slimy salesman/hustling type sh*t - it is me enjoying a ride and if you wanna ride, don't look at me b*, look ahead of you - or get out of the car and dont leave your purse - ok?

lastly, as stated from the onset, this is a productive and positive thread and I am not interested in lockin heads with anyone - if I have offended anyone, it was not intentional - thanks
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