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I only have v5, some may have changed for v6 there's lots more info on their forums but for me:


Installation is pretty easy, lots of instructions and fits perfectly. Plug&play

Looks awesome & OEM

Bluetooth audio & calling works pretty well, decent mic quality most of the time

Steering wheel controls work flawlessly

Good community with lots of support for hacks, etc


Touchscreen is way behind the times and clumsy compared to many other decks

Very high price compared to many better decks

Menus are difficult to navigate quickly, especially iPod and mp3 songs/folders

Stock nav program is garbage

Volume levels are messed (too much difference at low levels)

No advanced audio settings (eq/crossovers)

There's lots more -- try to play around with one before you buy, it's not for everyone. My pioneer simple deck I have in my e30 ($200) is 10x better in practical everyday usage IMHO, and gives me tons of options for speakers/subs

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