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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
In the last year I've noticed a trend.... The trend is that all these big corporations with websites are changing/redoing their websites.


TD Canada trust; Easy Web banking.
It use to be a very clean easy to navigate website. The shading of the website was perfect to the TD brand image. Now it's this giant white blob shit with green in between to fill the cracks.
Before the site was more intuitive. It still is now, however the feel of the site is not as "tight" as it was before. It was alot easier to navigate.


The biggest tthing that pisssed me off about gmail and google is that they made the stupid emails have NO CONTRAST. So I have no ****ing idea which email is read and which isn't.

What a joke.
I'm not sure which easy web you're using but the layout of easy web hasn't really changed since I've been using it (about 4 years), they just updated the colour scheme to make it look brighter. What don't you like about the layout in the attached image? Make a payment, make a transfer, account information... it's all there either in the quick links bar on the side or along the header.

I was sort of pissed when they changed gmail but after a couple days I found it to be fine. Not sure why you're complaining about the contrast. In every colour scheme emails you haven't read the row shading is different and the text is bold. There's even a high contrast theme which is pretty much what the default theme was before they changed it.

With regards to the picture thing, it's not a big surprise. I remember when office 2007 came out and everyone at work was pissed because they couldn't find anything because there was this new tab bar and it was all pictures rather than text. Now most people love it because the most used tools are a click away rather than buried in a menu.

The only website that pisses me off is facebook. They are constantly changing it, these days it doesn't stay the same for more than 6 months. It's pretty much just the result of people working for facebook making work for themselves so they can keep their jobs. They got this new timeline thing coming out now that is going to completely change your profile design...again
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