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You may want to think twice. I bought a BMW M travel mug from the dealer with a gift certificate I got for Christmas - damn M logo fell off after a few weeks.
Now it looks like any metal travel mug you can get at the dollar store

My BMW sunglasses I got as a gift from the dealer.... guess what. The hinge is broken only after a few months and I found out they are not polarized.

Hmmm, its doesn't stop there. My BMW digital tire guage.... guess what. Damn battery is dead, and it is a sealed unit.

Where does BMW get all this crap made? Is there a warranty?

I have quite a collection of this stuff as gifts, 2 watches, jackets, hats, shirts, umbrella, valve caps, keychains. BMW really has to step up the quality of the lifestyle accessories, especially with the price are paying. The best BMW stuff I got was a large flag and BMW racing hats at the Flea Market in Vienna.
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