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Since this thread is about autopartsway I just want to chime in and say be careful when you are returning items to them. I buy parts from them all the time, the prices are good, shipping is fast, they are great. However I've had to return cores on two different items as well as returning a wrong part that they sent me. All three times after having sent the items back I'd wait a few weeks and then check my credit card to see if the return was processed and the proper amount credited to my card. I've even waited up to two months before because I forgot about it. Each of the three times they failed to credit me the money I was owed. I would call them to inquire as to whether or not they received the return. Each time I called they'd check the system and say "oh... we did receive it. We will process your return right away, sorry about the inconvenience" and I'd see the credit the same day or the next.

In short, they are a bunch of chislers. If you make a return, make sure to check your credit card to see they they've paid you because in my experience they won't give you your money until you call them and ask for it.
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