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"absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"

A few years ago i spent a lot of time researching this and came to the same conclusion many of you have. The data used to support the theory of climate change is (was, circa 2008) flawed to the point where it is scientifically impractical to use it. (The relationship of CO2 and average earth temperature shows correlation, but, there is hardly enough evidence to say that human made CO2 has had anything but negligible effects on climate.)

Having said that, unless you've personally done research which disproves climate change, and collected data to prove your theory (or have a source which is non-biased, and has done COMPREHENSIVE research on the subject), i would urge you not to say climate change is bullshit. It most likely is, however, we have no evidence to prove that, so for now, its just a theory.

Hell, newton was wrong.
Einstein was wrong.
Our entire understanding of physics, is, most likely, wrong. (particularly at the subatomic level)

Paradigm shifts are the norm in science. We must be vigilant and remain objective, not jump to conclusions.
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