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Delayed but still going to Germany .. orders complete/parts??

Sold car but delayed (previously 'before new year' turned into after new year) until now, vacation time has allowed more time for planning trip.

*This is to post requests for whole cars as well as specific (part number/location all particulars etc) euro parts.*

I can communicate with you via pm while there to narrow down your item/cost to have it imported. To be abundantly clear, I am doing this for fun and in no way is it commercial. This is a nice 'experience' to see if I could turn this into an all out business. I plan on offering 1994 e30 touring/1996 e34 touring as the ones no one wants I can keep for myself . I am hoping to get one bone stock and one tinkered with (for all the lil girls on dis here forum) - of each series.

I will try to have the car tuned and safety/emissions tested and ONLY the ones that make it are game
AFTER a long (hopefully recorded via iphone) test drive in various surfaces/conditions, all at length. After this filtration I will buy and pack her IN.
Also since I have so much SPACE inside all these wagons, rims/bumpers/panels/doors/fenders/various parts/complete engines??*btw, is this possible without border issues, I mean the running engines??*
as much as I can get me hands on anyway/money will allow. Thank you for indulging and NOT really interested in offending ANYONE with this SO THIS CANNOT POSSIBLY TURN INTO AN OFFENCE/OFFENSIVE TRANSACTION - thank you for keeping this a POSITIVE experience for everybody - thank you
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