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Whats with the new look???

In the last year I've noticed a trend.... The trend is that all these big corporations with websites are changing/redoing their websites.

They are changing their websites that use to be so practical and easy to follow, into these new retarded looking things.


TD Canada trust; Easy Web banking.
It use to be a very clean easy to navigate website. The shading of the website was perfect to the TD brand image. Now it's this giant white blob shit with green in between to fill the cracks.
Before the site was more intuitive. It still is now, however the feel of the site is not as "tight" as it was before. It was alot easier to navigate.

ScotiaBank online banking:
What the ****? What a disaster this is. This is the most retarded design I have ever seen in my life. They went from a great looking website that was super easy to navigate and understand. And now the site is a giant white blob with no character and some red spots in between to show off that ScotiaBank is red. On top of that the online banking itself has become a stupid mess.

I am so mad at google right now. **** you google. I loved Gmail, but now with these new look I am pretty pissed off. I don't ****ing understand how you take something so good and **** it up. Google has followed suit with these other mega corps. A big white BLOB ****ing mess.
The worst thing about the new google thing is that theyve relabeled all the buttons to be pictures without text. So now I have to scan the pictures to figure out which each one does.... Okay not that fcuking complicated, but still its stupid. I am not 5 years old. I want practicality not retardedness.

The biggest tthing that pisssed me off about gmail and google is that they made the stupid emails have NO CONTRAST. So I have no ****ing idea which email is read and which isn't.

What a joke.

Who does this shit? Does the CEO at the top wake up one day and say "lets make my customers lives miserable and spent 5 million dollars to redo our know it was really practical and the best in the market before but lets re do it."

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