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Sounds like 2010s are really messed up.

According to this post from bimmerfest, this 2010 X3 also didn't have CD-changer wires in the center console.


I installed the Dice this weekend. It is easy once you read some of the tips here and see some of the youtube videos. Anyway my 2010 X3 did not come with the CD changer in the center console or the back. The console did not have both the 6 and 3pin connectors required to hook up. Thus requiring the hook up to the cable connectors located in the rear of the vehicle. This required the removal of the back seat and side cushion, routing through the rear seat trim and under the carpet to the center console which also needed to be opened up enough to route the wires. Set the dip switches on the Dice device to NAV Radio setting, disconnected the battery, connected the dice unit and reconnected the battery. The Nav system recognized the ipod but no sound. Very frustrating. It appears that since my X3 did not come with the CD changer BMW did not hook up the white CD SARS wire to the back of the radio. Once I took apart the dash and hooked up the wire everything worked. Hope this helps someone else save some time.
The only difference is that he's got Nav and you don't.

I would give a call to these guys and talk to Tom. He is supposed to be a Dice installation guru for all BMWs, they are also an authorized dealer of DICE. He comes highly recommended on bimmerfest and some other forums.

At this point in time, it sounds like you "might" still be able to hook up a DICE or grom module directly to the radio without the CD-Changer cables but there is no garantee that it will work.

You can also try to pull out the radio (it's only two screws) and see if there is a secondary 12pin connector floating around behind the head unit. If, yes, then you should have either sat or cd-changer wires in the back around the amp.

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