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Originally Posted by South View Post
EDIT : Carbon emission per capita, notice anything about China and India?

Of course China and India are going to be low when it's a per capita comparison, look how large they are and how many are still living in poverty? Weak argument is weak.

Why you and Harper and Kent look retarded to the world claiming Kyoto was never achievable or pointless or whatever brohan. Green are the countries part of it. dark green the industrialized ones. Oh and try to deduce why America and now Canada are not green

Um...Australia isn't in Kyoto anymore and even when they were, they were huge polluters

Why it is achievable.

So keep talking, someday you'll say something intelligent!
Hey looky here! Eastern Bloc countries, shocking they're improving huh? The Soviets were always so well known for their stringent environmental policies

You look like you just did a quick search on google, found a few graphs on images and built an argument around them not knowing how many holes were in it. Stick to politics, I'll admit you're quite good on those topics.

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