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Originally Posted by 325isdan View Post
I heard the big issue, and probably why that map looks like that, is because places like China have a scam going on with buying carbon credits from them selves to off set their carbon emissions. China should probably be black on that map.
According to South: (taken from his post)

[ China and India two DEVELOPING nations are supposed to do what exactly? remain poor? no sorry its a world effort, they have the most number of people, and per capita less pollution. By capita CANADA has one of the HIGHEST. They are ALLOWED to develop while we have to cut back. Does this put us at a disadvantage, who cares the environment is going to give a fly ****..]

So China does not need to reduce its emission at all for its a developing country, China needs to develop, therefore its ok for them to pollute the environment...and doesnt need to adhere to the Kyoto accord while Canada has to..hey.. I thought you said its a world by you, any map graph and links is true and Lorrie Goldstein article is all made up by him?
so get off your high horse and get at the real facts, do some travelling to Asia and you will face the real facts...... opps you dont need to .. you have google map...

Canada will be penalise to the tune of $14 billion dollars while the US and China do not face any penalty.. isnt this a world effort?, so why does the Kyoto accord allows such disproportion?

Canada did the right thing by opting out and Canada will still be loved by the world. and they love to emigrate here as well and really for we are peaceful people...

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