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Originally Posted by South View Post

You know that common knowledge thing that if the rest of the world lived like Canadians and Americans we would need three earth's just for resources alone. But hey its ok buddy. If you want to support your government just because they are your government, by all means brohan! So if our government elites decide that 14 billion is too high a price to pay to be part of a protocol that can save our environment then yeah go ahead. Your not going to benefit from that 14 billion LOL, only corporations.

Remember a country doesn't just pay the carbon tax on what is actually being produced inside the country, but what it is importing and exporting as well. Hence that link you probably didn't read of how the European Union wanted to ban or tax heavily oil coming from Alberta because of its cost to environment and how the WTO was like no no no you can't do that you said our charter and corporations have rights you know and the European union was like ****.

Anyway back to you brohan. What was it again that I didn't know? That Kyoto wasn't achievable? Ok well I linked in this post and above this one and in the thread there are other posts that show evidence it is achievable. So smart-ass who regurgitates what elites say to justify actions that will benefit other elites, what is the WAY to stop emissions other than the framework set out by the Kyoto accord? hmm? see if Canada pulled out of Kyoto and said no we think the world should do this then thats fine. But as of yet they just left, didn't even really show up at Durban. Pathetic.

It's hard to get the big picture when you have such a small screen. oh btw how exactly is it obvious that I am the one that has to idea about this?.

Try to deduce some tid bit of knowledge from these ok brohan?

EDIT : Carbon emission per capita, notice anything about China and India?

Why you and Harper and Kent look retarded to the world claiming Kyoto was never achievable or pointless or whatever brohan. Green are the countries part of it. dark green the industrialized ones. Oh and try to deduce why America and now Canada are not green

Why it is achievable.

So keep talking, someday you'll say something intelligent!

I heard the big issue, and probably why that map looks like that, is because places like China have a scam going on with buying carbon credits from them selves to off set their carbon emissions. China should probably be black on that map.
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