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Originally Posted by Swatter View Post
In the centre console is a 3 wire lead which goes to the aux jack on a flip out tray facing the rear seat on the back of the console, a two wire power lead which goes to the power outlet beside the aux jack, and a 13 wire cable made up of 10 individual wires and one black wire which has three individual wires inside it. These wires are plugged into a connector which is plugged into a harness which runs up into the hollow plastic hinge which holds the very top compartment of the centre console (the shallow one). The top compartment of the console has a false bottom. Also running into this false bottom is a coaxial cable. I am assuming these cables are for the optional snap in phone adapter which would replace the padded top of the console.

In the rear compartment there is a depression in the side wall which appears to be designed to hold some component. There are cutouts in the soundproofing where bolts or screws could be used to attach a bracket.

Attachment 107877

The bluetooth module sits at the bottom of the compartment. The amp is tucked up behind the interior trunk liner and has numerous wires running to the end furthest from the opening used to access the compartment.

I did not see any loose wires or connections. There does appear to be a connection (which I tried to take a picture of) with several wires terminating in it which has what to me looks like a covered port. Does this have something to do with the satellite pre-wire?

Attachment 107876

Checking the GROM website I notice they offer solutions for a 2010 X3 with DSP (GROM-USB2-BMW-T) so maybe this is a solution. I guess I will try contacting them with some of this info and see what they say.
Okie time to start digging.

Take a look at this video below and try to get at the CD changer cables. They are really burried into the center console:

Since your X3 is a 2010, my guess you have something called "analog" DSP - basically no coax cable. So under the carpet in the center console, you should have two connectors: 3pin and a 6pin. If you do have "digital" DSP like me then you are gong to have a 3pin connector and coax cable. If that's the case and you'll need a DSP adapter from either GROM or dice (adds about 70 bucks to the total cost).

The cutouts in the trunk are for the NAV DVD drive, and the NAV unit. The Bluetooth module and SATwould be at the bottom. The Sat cables should be either at the bottom around the bluetooth unit or beside the amp; you would have to dig for them (if your car is indeed prewired). Based on my prior research, the dealer usually does not know crap about these cars since BMW made a real mess with the options and wiring for these cars. You really need to dig around the car yourself to make sure you have the right wires/cables.

The connector in the last picture is a solenoid for the muffler flap. At low rpm/engine vacuum one of the pipes in the rear muffler closes and the car runs a bit quiter. If you start the car and let it idle, put your hand against the muffler, you will see that the exhaust is comming out from only the left pipe. If you disconnect the connector, an internal flap will open and the gases will comeout from both pipes.

Another possibility that you may try is to retrofit the stock Iphone/ipod kit. Since you already have the cables inside the top of the arm rest, it should be just a matter of buying the necessary parts and coding the car. The problem is that the parts will most likely be 2x the price of a DICE/GROM unit.

I would start with finding the CD-Changer cables in the center armrest first, and go from there.

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