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Originally Posted by Axxe View Post
It's OK, you seem to like the sound of your own voice. It's great that you can read wikipedia and consider yourself an expert , and yes, I am supporting the government, it's obvious by my post isn't it?
Oh the classic beyond and above context to discredit someone. NICE. hmm your the one implying i knew NOTHING about this and now suddenly when I say that what I do know I back up with sources I am an expert? from yes wikipedia, mostly pictures taken from other sources. EVER click those little blue numbers and links?

OH no your too lazy brohan arn't you. Yes I did say your supporting the government, blindly though dumbass. Know the difference?

Obviously you take the time to waste your breath with this idiot or expert but why don't you just attack my sources, say the UN is BS or whatever. Or provide your sources, at least some other guy is TRYING. That shows a logical mind. You know. I believe in A because 1-2-3.

Where as you come in here and are like "your stupid and know nothing so why should I listen to you". That's a straight up I believe in A without a 1-2-3.

Or you come in here and are like "oh your a expert cause you can read wikipedia". That's again a straight up I believe in A without a 1-2-3. At least I have a 1-2-3 and until you address and reference them your just another asshole with an opinion!

So ask yourself the question who are you trying to convince here? yourself? not on any academic ethical level brohan. But lets continue to play horse, I'll be the front end and you keep being yourself
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