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Are we now bringing in what people say as proof of evidence now? Lets have a discussion about religion then too. Does god exist *posts the bible* yes it does, argue with that. Thats the level of stupidity you just brought to this thread linking what some politician says without backing up anything he says with anything.

You know what when I am back from my vacation I am going to explain the propaganda model, because the second I read the bashing on marxism and China I knew this is going to be a great example of how this fits number 5 on the filter list.

Like just the first sentence. "Canada is always disproportionately attacked at the United Nations’ annual gabfests on global warming"

Um no its not, in fact its reported and referenced in this thread that they were one of the forefronters of environmentalism until the conservatives began encouraging the oil sands. Its not the amount of emissions people care about its the emission per capita, because this is a global protocol.
Canada is being targeted now because it is leaving the protocol even though it is industrialized wealthy nation who cannot even pay 14 billion in fines. Again mentioned in this thread a relatively measly amount of money being taken from taxes aimed at polluting corporations.

As also mentioned in this thread. We are America's bitch. They need water for their desert cities in the west that have drained the Colorado and other sources of water. So we give them water. They clearly want to not rely on the middle east for oil so are looking to us their northerly neighbor. And thus we are building a pipeline from Alberta all the way to Texas.

Oh god this is a perfect example of
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